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When technology takes too much time, causing frustration and despair, ZaGenie is always there! Proposing proven products and services. Smart solutions to get fully organized, and be more productive. Opportunity knocks. Open the door to success.

I am, because we are. Together.

Combining a pertinent philosophy of caring and sharing, with synergy and very strong community. We alter the course of humanity, and ultimately our destiny, by challenging the digital status quo. ZaGenie Academy will show you how!


A solid, proven platform to provide a comprehensive suite of managed services. With expert delivery and fanatical support, members rejoice!


All our initiatives are infused with Ubuntu Synergy. Embracing the concept of existing as individuals, while being part of a community. 


We believe that charity begins at the cash register. Everything here, focuses on generating revenue, for everyone involved. Money matters!


The Academy for proactive people, who want to succeed, while at the same time helping others. Don't just survive, break free and thrive!

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