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ZaGenie will show you how to care for the world around us, while becoming financially independent, in the process. Learn the Art of Living Freely, by simply following the FREE courses offered here. Don't delay. It's Time To LIVE your life!

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ZaGenie Limited is a Managed Services Provider, providing the technology platform, and support for select intitiatives. Infused with the unique philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy, this academy is designed to show you the way to financial independence, and success.

Who are these courses for?

Scholars & Students
Employment Seekers
Employed But Always Broke
Single & Stay-At-Home Parents
Struggling Business Owners
Administrators & Managers
Retrenched & Retired Folks
Successful Super Affiliates
Anyone ~ Anywhere!

Components of this Academy

Ubuntu Synergy is a philosophy that means "I am, because we are. Together". Creating unity, fostering community, with affiliates generating residual revenue, and facilitating networking events worldwide.
Various humanitarian initiatives that help those around us, while generating residual revenue, for everyone involved. We believe that charity begins at the cash register. Teaching to fish, rather than donations.
Most people live with regrets. Never quite acheiving their full potential, Dissulto is the catalyst that helps anyone appreciate their uniqueness, embrace their inner weidness, and show what they're really capable of.
The revenue sharing business model, and affiliate programs, have largely been in the shadows for decades. Now, there is a way for anyone to learn how to earn, and work their way easily to financial independence. 
Where there is money involved, greed and dishonesty are omni-present. The affiliate marketing industry is unregulated, and affiliates the first to suffer non-payment. iAfma.org keeps it fair in revenue share.
A discerning group of people, who have absorbed the elements of Ubuntu Synergy, applied themselves to the initiatives, and now lead a more relaxed, rewarding life. They perfected The ART of Living Freely!

The Business Model

We operate 45 membership websites. Free to join and everyone is automatically issued an affiate ID. Membership is NOT required to earn money with the affiliate program. Full membership (with benefits) is optional.
Users and Members benefit from various services: Community~Meetups~Academy, Directory~Map~JobsBoard~EventSpace~ MarketPlace. Every initiative caters for a specific niche, and cater for accordingly.
Users and Members have selective access to: Downloads~Courseware~Business Pack.
There are also PLUS options, whereby the repositories grow exponentially. Useful materials for Members to use as they wish.
All our initiatives have a single-tier affiliate program. This is not MLM! We use affiliate marketing methods, empowering all our affiliates to spread the word. Nothing to buy, stock, nor sell. All they do is promote.
Our affiliates receive a percentage of the revenue we earn. This ranges from 5% to 50%, depending on their efforts. We issue lifetime cookies, and lifetime commissions.
Commission are paid monthly on the 15th.
The goal is to generate residual revenue, for the company, and our productive affiliates. We are for-profit entity, and the money is spent on the various causes we choose to support. This is done at our sole discretion.

Our Promise

We hate SPAM, just as much as you do. There will never be any sales hype here. This has nothing to do with MLM. It's a single-tier affiliate program. No donations taken, nor given. We believe that charity begins at the cash register. Absolutely NO adversts on our websites. We adhere to a very strict privacy policy. We don't store credit cards. You can delete ALL your personal data, at ANY time.

ZaGenie Team

Herby Olschewski

Founder & CEO

Carolina Reviglio

Senior Director

Hans Wiegand

Senior Director

Paola Thaon di Revel

Senior Director

Mandy Shrimpton

Partner Relations Officer

Luis Castro

Chief Operations Officer

Carmen Hilser

Human Resources Officer

Glorymar Hernandez

Team Leader



Together, we are ONE.

The Initiatives

From Ubuntu Synergy ~ to ~ Club SYNERGY

The 45 elements to perfecting...

The ART of Living Freely!

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