ZaGenie Orientation

A quick and easy way to get to grips with this initiative. Simply flick through the short and concise chapters, to understand the basics, and take things from there!

Course Overview

8 Chapters

1 Certification

1. Classroom Notes

How to make the most of this course.

2. General Introduction

The mission statement, and what's in it for you.

3. Intended Audience

Looking at this initiative, from your point of view.

4. Key Components

The basic building blocks of the initiative website.

5. Membership Benefits

Fundamental and tangible reasons to be a member.

6. The Business Model

Making cents of why and how we make money here.

7. Your Opportunity

By chance or design, you are here. What now?

8. Related Courses

More food for thought, and your wallet too!

Certificate of Completion

Get it in black and white. Be proud and share!


There when you need me!
When technology takes too much time, causing frustration and despair, ZaGenie is always there! Proposing proven products and services. Smart solutions to get organized, and be more productive.

ZaGenie is a MSP (Managed Service Provider), looking after the technical interests of a select group of clients. Innovative initiatives, based on the unique philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy – “I am, because we are. Together.“

Providing a reliable platform for all members, throughout our brands. Quality resources and effective tools, with which to further any project. Ease of use is our primary goal, followed up by fanatical user support.

Proposing proven solutions, practicing what we preach, and increasing productivity. Living on the bleeding edge of new technology, so that our members don’t have to. Suffer no more, let ZaGenie through your door!
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